Snack Program (Formerly Breakfast Program)

Hemmingford Elementary School offers a daily snack program for $5 per month. Students generally receive milk, fruit, and a grain. You may sponsor a child in need for $5 per month. The sponsored child’s name is kept internally at the school.

We are able to offer such low prices because the school has received a grant from Breakfast for Learning.

Breakfast for Learning



Snack Program

The Hemmingford Breakfast Program serves about 30 students daily. It is operated by volunteers and organized by Tracy Boon, who generously provides her time to help serve students a healthy breakfast each day.

We encourage each and every student to participate in the breakfast program where they can enjoy delicious breakfasts such as: fresh fruit, warm muffins, pancakes, croissants, bagels, and hot and cold cereal.

Our program relies on monetary donations to subsidize as much of the cost of food as possible.


  • 1 child: $35
  • Family plan: $60
  • Pre-K: $20

These prices are based on our anticipated donations and grants and we may require additional payments later in the year.

Breakfast Program

Please contact Tracy Boon @ or 450.247.2022 should you wish to make a donation, register, or have any questions.