Principal’s Update & March Newsletter

Newsletter 2018-03

Dear families,

We hope that everyone has a restful March break!

Literacy Night

We hope to see all families at our Literacy Night tonight from 5:30-7:30. There are fun activities to complete as a whole family. Please keep in mind that the staff are busy running an activity for many people. If you have questions about your child’s report card, please book an appointment for parent-teacher interviews (dates on the calendar on the left).

We are having a pyjama day on Friday, March 2, 2018 as part of our celebration for the I Love to Read Month.

Parent-Teacher Interviews & Report Cards

Parent-teacher interviews will take place on Thursday, March 15, 2018 in the afternoon and early evening and on the morning of Friday, March 16. A letter will be sent home with the report cards to sign up your child. Parent-teacher interviews are an important opportunity to gather information about your child’s progress should you have any concerns. For the second meeting, either the parent or teacher may request interviews.

Report card time can be very stressful for many students. Please keep in mind that the purpose of the report card is to communicate the progress that your child has made. To remove part of the stress I would like to encourage you to take the following steps:

Speak with the teacher regarding the grading system. What does a 63% mean? What type of progress is the student making? We have included a mark conversion grid to help bring context to a grade.

Clarify the comments that are on the report card. There may be rich information available in the comments.

In the interview, gather feedback from teachers about your child’s work ethic. Lower grades may be a reflection of a student needing to work harder or learning challenges. Use this feedback to guide your conversations both with the teacher and with your child.

Lastly, the success of your child is a collaborative process between schools and parents. Please speak to your child’s teacher about how you can support classroom learning at home.

Spaghetti Supper

Our Annual Spaghetti Supper is set for March 24. I would like to encourage all parents to register online on our school website to volunteer for the event. You can register at This event raises a lot of money for the school. We have new basketball nets going into our school yard in the spring and the Governing Board will have contributed more than $5000 towards school trips this year. We have future projects in the works as well! Your support for this event goes to help your children.

Calendar Change

Due to the snow day of January 23, 2018, we will now have a regular school day on April 16, 2018. This will be a physical education day, same as the Tuesday-Friday schedule because the day lost was a physical education day. A downloadable copy of the calendar can be found here —>

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful month of March.


 James Walker, MA