Report Cards

On Tuesday, you received your child’s report card for the first term. You have also received sign up information for Parent-Teacher Interviews. I encourage you to take the next two weeks to put together a list of questions that you have for your child’s teachers.

Report card time can be very stressful for many students. Please keep in mind that the purpose of the report card is to communicate the progress that your child has made. To remove part of the stress I would like to encourage you to take the following steps:

  1. Speak with the teacher regarding the grading system. What does a 63% mean? What type of progress is the student making?
  2. Clarify the comments that are on the report card. There is rich information available in the comments.
  3. Gather feedback from teachers about your child’s work ethic. Lower grades may be a reflection of a student needing to work harder or learning challenges. Use this feedback to guide your conversations both with the teacher and with your child.
  4. Look at the global report card. Where are your child’s strengths and where do they need to place a greater emphasis to improve?
  5. Lastly, the success of your child is a collaborative process between schools and parents. Please speak to your child’s teacher about how you can support classroom learning at home.


James Walker